We caught up with some of Seattle’s most respected hip hop artists including MC Geologic of Blue Scholars, Gifted Gab of the Moor Gang crew, arguably one of Seattle’s most respected female rappers and emerging Filipino-American rapper Era of hip hop duo, Sendai ERA.

Prometheus Brown

Prometheus Brown or Geologic, is a member of hip hop duo Blue Scholars. He introduces us to some of Seattle’s notable venues, including the famed live music venue Showbox, where Blue Scholars played the 75th anniversary celebration. Despite performing taking a backseat at the moment, the rapper is keeping busy with pop-up restaurant Food & Sh*T that introduces Filipino cuisine and culture to the world.

Gifted Gab

Gifted Gab, also known as the ‘Rap Queen of Seattle’ sticks out like a sore thumb in the ‘boys club’ of Seattle’s rap scene (but in a good way). The passion and aggression of her performances, combined with a lyrical flow and complexity that even surpasses some of her male rapper peers, Gifted Gab is truly one to watch out for in Seattle.

Sendai Era

ERA of Asian-American hip hop duo Sendai Era may be a newcomer to the Seattle hip hop scene, however his fiery deliveries have continuously been an inspiration to us. ERA is also involved with the local Filipino youth organization Anakbayan Seattle.    

Credits to Blue Scholars, Gifted Gab, Sendai Era for music video footage.

Showbox 75th Anniversary footage https://vimeo.com/107764014

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